We believe it is important to acknowledge those who (and those innovations that ) influenced us and moved us to make music. Especially since our first single will be entitled “Influencers.”

In no particular order . . .

The Clash
Steely Dan
David Essex (“Rock On”)
Ultravox (both John Foxx & Midge Ure eras)
Brothers Johnson
George Benson
The Buggles
The Human League (original lineup)
Peter Gabriel
Giorgio Moroder
Bobby Caldwell
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

Roland (synthesizers and drum machines)
Arturia (controllers and software)
Logic Pro X (and Garageband before it)
EZ (software)
Polyend (Seq)
Korg (analog synths)
Mute Records

Obviously there are scores others we appreciate, respect, and are fans of . . .

Objects in the Mirror – early rendering

“. . . we are angry, but understand the subversive nature of calm . . . and a smile, or is it a smirk. Whatever works.” — “Objects in the Mirror.”

From the forthcoming debut EP “Objects in Mirrors” by Groove Intruder.