We believe it is important to acknowledge those who (and those innovations that ) influenced us and moved us to make music. Especially since our first single will be entitled “Influencers.”

In no particular order . . .

Situationist International
The Clash
Sex Pistols
Ultravox (both John Foxx & Midge Ure eras)
Steely Dan
David Essex (“Rock On”)
Brothers Johnson
George Benson
The Buggles
The Human League (original lineup)
Peter Gabriel
Giorgio Moroder
Bobby Caldwell (“What You Won’t Do For Love”)
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
Malcolm McLaren
Vivian Westwood

Roland (synthesizers and drum machines)
Arturia (controllers and software)
Logic Pro X (and Garageband before it)
EZ (software)
Polyend (Seq)
Korg (analog synths)
Mute Records

Obviously there are scores others we appreciate, respect, and are fans of . . .


Objects in the Mirror – early rendering

“. . . we are angry, but understand the subversive nature of calm . . . and a smile, or is it a smirk. Whatever works.” — “Objects in the Mirror.”

From the forthcoming debut EP “Objects in Mirrors” by Groove Intruder.