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Groove Intruder is as much a concept as anything else. We strive to exist in the tradition of European salons from days gone by. In the case of Groove Intruder the band, we aspire to realize this ambition mainly through music — but also hope to eventually involve ourselves in cinema, theatre, poetry and prose.

Practically, however and for the near future,

Groove Intruder is a band.


We miss the late ’70’s and early ’80’s; the time of experimental (and not so experimental) electronic-based New Wave and “Gothic” pop, as well as well-crafted “Smooth Groove” genres.

Our guiding philosophy comes from our love of “the great groove“; the ones that you don’t want to let go of, the ones you would play over and over. We also pay homage to our “Punk” roots and the belief that everyone has a song in them (and then to “just make it”). Lastly, and especially in this day, we also think bands and pop music in general are lacking a rhetorical purpose — a social and cultural edge.

We hope to change that.


The band is composed of members;


Beats, Rhythms,

Melodies, Words


Guitar, Words


Melodies, Words

We hope you enjoy!

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